Barcode Registration

What is Barcode Registration?

Barcode registration is the process of submitting your barcode number(s) and product details into an online barcode database. There are several barcodes database online but the best one is probably the International Barcodes Database.

Is Barcode Registration Important?

While barcode registration is optional, there are several advantages to registering your barcodes online:

  1. Enhanced Visibility on Mobile Scanners: Barcode registration enables compatibility with select cell phone app scanners, such as the Zebra app. When your product’s barcode is scanned using these apps, the registered product information will automatically appear. This offers convenience to users and improves their experience. For more information on barcode scanning apps, you can refer to the provided link.
  2. Increased Internet Profile: Registering your barcodes boosts the online visibility of your product. When individuals search for your barcode on popular search engines like Google, the associated product information will be prominently displayed. This makes it easier for both retailers and customers to locate and access your company’s information and product details.
  3. Protection Against Unauthorized Use: Barcode registration serves as an effective deterrent against theft or misuse of your barcode numbers. By registering your barcodes on internet databases, potential unauthorized users are discouraged from illegally utilizing your barcode numbers on platforms like Amazon. A quick internet search will reveal that the barcode number is already in use, dissuading unauthorized individuals from copying it. While legally sold barcode numbers cannot be used without authorization, registration adds an extra layer of protection, reducing the inconvenience for the rightful barcode owner.
  4. Validation of Barcode Legitimacy: Barcode registration serves as proof that your barcodes are valid and legitimate. This is especially beneficial when dealing with retailers who may rely on GS1’s database as a reference. By pointing them to the independent database where your barcodes are registered, you can establish the authenticity of your barcodes, saving time and avoiding unnecessary frustration with certain retailers.

Copying a barcode is relatively easy, allowing anyone to replicate it on a different product. Registration provides crucial protection against the illegal use of your barcode numbers, ensuring the security of your business and products. Additionally, it assists both retailers and customers in easily accessing accurate product information.

By opting for barcode registration, you can harness these advantages and strengthen your barcode’s integrity, visibility, and protection.

How can I Register my Barcodes?

If you purchase barcodes from (or from any of the other members of the International Barcodes Network) then your barcodes are eligible for free registration on the International Barcodes Database. Instructions will be emailed to you after you order the barcodes.

If your barcodes were obtained from a different barcode company, then you will need to purchase Barcode Registration (and provide proof that you are the legal owner of your barcode numbers). After that, you will be sent an email with instructions for how to register your barcode number(s).

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